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The plans & instruction package to build this little "Puddle Jumper" includes a spiral bound 8 1/2" x 11"- 55 page
complete with history, tips, tricks, photos & drawings. The computer CD in pdf format features 137 colored
complete with descriptions, clarifications & instructions of each step as you make progress. An 18-minute DVD
that shows most of the woodworking involved in building the "plug". The 1 hour & 25 minute DVD takes you along the
path to building a
"plug" or "buck" for the body and then goes through each step of building the "fiberglass mold" to
build your body & finishes up with how to
"hand lay" the fiberglass body for your "new toy". As an added bonus, you
will also receive two
"Redneck Airbags" ready to install in your new car...FREE at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

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